Tyler GT Truss
Tyler GT Truss

Tyler GT Truss

Engineered so you can load your fixtures and leave your cases at the shop. Save costly show labor by prepping the fixtures & wiring before load-in. This is what serious professionals use for tours and corporate events.

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Tyler GT Truss saves on truck weight, truck space, set up time and most importantly labor costs.
Fully prep your moving lights and cabling in the controlled atmosphere of your shop rather than on a show site with more costly labor rates. Makes loading in large moving light trusses much easier, it’s what the pros use on concert tours and what we use on our Productions. Tyler GT is the smart alternative for properly prepped productions – loading fixtures and testing the wiring in advance lowers the stress of a rushed load in.

Tyler GT Truss weights:
10′ 212 lbs with legs, 144 lbs without legs
8′ 192 lbs with legs, 128 lbs without legs
5′ 160 lbs with legs, 104 lbs without legs
3’X3′ Base Plate: 80 lbs

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