PRT Pre-Rigged Truss

Good old fashioned rock and roll just wouldn't be complete without the shiny chrome look and bright colors of a pre-rigged truss PAR rig!

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PRT was extensively used in the Rock N Roll industry for many years to greatly speed up load-in times when using large PAR rigs.
The truss is wheeled into the venue, bolted together and then lifted off the floor a little. The six lamp bars are then released from their transport position and slide down on rails to the bottom of the truss.
Features Include:

  • 120 1000w Par 64 Cans
  • 10 Stick System
  • Lightweight easy to stack
  • Par cans ride inside truss, minimizing truck space
  • Multi cable looms outfitted for entire system, keeping cabling easy and to a minimum

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