8-Circuit Motor Distro

8-Circuit Motor Distro

Motion Labs motor control systems are among the most widely used in the entertainment industry.


The Motion Labs Motor Distros are the industry standard for rigging power distribution. This Distro is compact and easy to operate. The 8-Circuit Motor Distro is our most popular motor distro size. We also offer a 16-Circuit rolling rack version that has Twist-Lok power outputs and will easily power the additional 8-Circuit or 4-Circuit Distro with a single motor feeder cable.

Features Include:

  • Rack Mounted with single lid
  • Storage compartment for the handheld remote
  • Clearly labeled circuits
  • Easy to operate handheld remote has illuminated switches and buttons
  • Square D circuit breakers
  • Illuminated KILL switch for safety
  • Phase reverse button
  • Powered by Twist-Lok feeder that’s available in several length: 100′, 50′, 25′, and 15′
  • Also available in a 4-Circuit version in the same size case

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