16-Circuit Motor Distro

Motion Laboratories Portable 16-Channel 3-Phase Chain Hoist Control System can operate up to 16 of our 1-ton or 1/2 ton motors at once.


Motion Labs Motor Distros are the industry standard for rigging power distribution.

Features Include:

  • Phase monitoring
  • (4) 120v  20amp courtesy outlets
  • High visibility yellow handheld remote station that features: 16 3-position directional switches, triangular UP/DOWN LED indicators, illuminated momentary GO switch, illuminated maintained KILL switch, & two 4 foot integrated remote cables.
  • Contactor Enable button to allow for local control at each hoist when using control pendants (pickles).
  • PCB mount electro-mechanical control relays.
  • Branch-rated Square D QOU-Series circuit breakers.
  • 2 sided Motion Laboratories ATA Flight Case.
  • Linear power supply.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

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