ULD-360 HP Dimmer


When you need a dimmer you can trust, the rugged Lep ULD-360 Dimmer won’t let you down. It ranks as the industry leader in small portable tree-mount dimmer packs. These are the only tree-mount dimmers that we use for our rentals and productions because of their worry free and reliable performance.


The ULD-360 HP Dimmer by Leprecon is what production and rental companies rely on when tree mounted dimming is needed. The solid design and construction assure that they will handle the most demanding conditions no matter what the environment. AV companies, schools and houses of worship will also appreciate the simple setup and rock solid performance of the ULD-360 HP Dimmer.

Features Include:

  • 6 x 600w capacity with Stagepin Outputs
  • 2 x Edison Input
  • We also stock the 6 x 750w with 19-pin Socapex Output version
  • Illuminated magnetic breakers
  • Over-temp/Over-volt pack protection
  • 4 programmable output settings per channel: Linear, non-dim, fluorescent, or fixed intensity
  • 25 Amp SSR per channel
  • Encapsulated chokes for quiet operation
  • LED Display
  • DMX 5-pin M/F XLR
  • Built-in mounting bracket
  • Rated continuous use duty cycle
  • Dimensions: 15.9″L x 5.85″W x 4.1″D
  • Made in USA

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Additional information

Weight12 lbs

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