Robe MegaPointe


The new reference point. MEGA bright with MEGA features and still compact. The MegaPointe from Robe.


(Purchase minimum 4)

(Quad Road Case for MegaPointe available for purchase separately)

The Robe MegaPointe is a 470W hybrid fixture that elevates the original all-in-one fixture to a whole new level. Unleash your creativity using the bright sharp parallel beams, excellent gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY color mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects.

This zoom range is 1.8°– 21° in beam mode and 3°– 42° in spot mode.
Both static and rotating (glass) gobos produce precision in-air effects or projected images with a sharp, high-contrast, flat field.
The newly designed effects engine can produce 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects. The beam can also be shaped using innovative shutter emulation, further creating a whole new blend of content & creativity.

Features Include:

  • 470W Osram discharge lamp
  • Perfectly parallel, laser-like beam, sharply defined and free of any halo
  • 1.8°– 21° beam mode, 3°– 42° spot mode
  • CMY color mixing 
  • Color wheel with 13 colors + open
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel: 10 gobos & 4 beam reducers + open
  • 6 prisms placed on two wheels, producing 12 various Beam and Flower effects
  • Input voltage range: 100-240 V
  • 49 Pounds
  • Medium sized mover (technical term)
  • True1 Power Input.
  • We stock road cases in three sizes: Single, Double, and Quad.

Mega Pointe User Manual.pdf
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This equipment has been serviced and inspected by an Afterglow Lighting certified technician.

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