Hog 500

The Hog 500 consoles running on the Wholehog 2 operating system.


The Hog 500 runs on the proven Whole Hog II platform.

The Hog 500 has features including 8 playback faders, 1 Universe of DMX, support for a keyboard, and monitor.
27.75 W x 15.8 D x 5.6 H

The Hog console is a lighting control console designed to handle any combination of lighting fixtures, moving and static, with moving lights as simple to program as conventional fixtures. With flexible programming and playback options the Hog is well suited for a wide variety of applications, making it the ideal choice for the control of both simple and complex dimming systems as well as scrollers and moving lights.


  • Controls up to 512 channels
  • Configuration of the desk makes programming easy
  • LCDs provide continuous feedback on programming and playback status together with cue or palette lists
  • Instant access to console features
  • Auto menu and advanced fixture control
  • All shows are stored on old school 3.5 inch DOS format floppy disks
  • Cues, cue lists, effects and presets can be merged from one show to another
  • Split fade times on any parameter
  • Easy to understand command line syntax
  • External VGA monitor output
  • Any fixture can be patched anywhere on the DMX output
  • User-definable system default settings
  • Multiple fixture types simultaneously supported
  • Console self-test and diagnostic routines
  • User definable fixture libraries
  • Wholehog II operating system
  • Includes:
    Hog 500 Console
    Road Case
    Dust Cover
    IEC Power Cord
    Desk Lamp
    External Keyboard
    Floppy Disk

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