Fly Cable

75′ Fly Cable


Hoist Fly Cable with 7-Pin connectors and 14 gauge conductors.


75′ Fly Cable with 7-pin connectors for powering and controlling 1/2-Ton and 1-Ton chain hoists.
Durable and flexible with a strain relief clip for attaching to the hoist.

Features Include:

  • Veam or CEEP 7-pin Connectors
  • 14 gauge conductors for long cable runs to hoists
  • Durable and flexible jacket for ease of use
  • Working temperature range -20°C to 105°C / 90°C / 75°C
  • Strain relief clip to secure to chain hoist

Lengths available for purchase or rent:
100′ Fly
75′ Fly
50′ Fly
25′ Fly

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