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The Esprite from Robe is a fully featured LED framing moving light with an exceptional zoom, crystal clear optics, and high output.

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The Esprite has a comprehensive feature set that includes: Flat field CMY mixing; variable CTO, two fast colour wheels; one indexable and rotatable gobo wheel; a fixed gobo wheel CTO filters; 6-facet rotating prism; 1° soft edge and 5° wash type frosts; an animation wheel and spectacular multi-colour effects.

Quick, accurate, easy framing is provided via the fast framing shutter module with individual blade control and +/-60° rotation capability for extra fine control.

Features Include:

  • 650W White LED Engine
  • Variable CTO: 3,000K – 6,700K
  • 5.5°– 50° Zoom
  • 2 Color Wheels, each with 5 fixed dichroic colors + open
  • Framing shutters with 60°+/- rotation
  • Rotating gobo wheel with 7 glass gobos + open
  • Fixed gobo wheel with 9 glass gobos + open
  • Animation wheel
  • 6 Facet prism
  • Cpulse™ special flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 16K
  • Input voltage range: 100-240 V
  • 62 lbs.
  • True1 Power Input.
  • Dual Cases

Esprite Gobos and Colors.pdf
Esprite User Manual.pdf
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