Lycian 1275 1.2k Followspot

The Lycian 1.2k Superstar Followspot is a versatile unit that will operate well with throws of 100' – 250'.


The Lycian 1275 1.2k Followspot is a versatile HMI followspot where throws of 100′-250′ are an absolute necessity. The Lycian 1275 1.2k Followspot is easily movable and offers maximum intensity/efficiency making this Lycian unit the most universal to date.

Features Include:

  • 5600°K color temperature
  • Automatic self-cancelling color boomerang
  • Automatic single lever zoom lens system
  • Balanced for perfect weight distribution at any operating angle
  • Easily carried by two people
  • Horizontal trim shutters
  • Heavy duty nichrome steel iris
  • Template slot pattern (gobo) projection furnished as standard
  • Folding three-legged base with locking casters and leveling jacks
  • Draws 15 Amps at 120V

Lycian Followspot User Manual
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