Titan Hazer

The Titan Hazer HT6 is designed for life on the road with a sturdy flight case, powerful 1100 Watt heater core and advanced options.

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The Titan Hazer HT6 from Froggy’s is designed for life on the road with a sturdy flight case, powerful heater core and advanced options. The Titan Hazer features a 1100 watt heater core, includes DMX capability, and can be truss mounted. A backlit display lets you manage the controls as well as simple fan and volume knobs for local control.

Features Include:

      • Independent fan and haze output controls
      • 3.5L fluid tank allows for 4+ Hours of continuous production at 100% without refilling
      • Super quiet but powerful haze production
      • Powerful fan can quickly cover up to 14,000 cubic feet per minute
      • 1200 watt heater core is Stainless Steel instead of the industry standard aluminum
      • 50 seconds heat-up time
      • Fluid sensing technology to detect low or no fluid in your machine and automatically turn it off
      • Sturdy aluminum fluid tank cap with quick-connect fittings
      • 3 and 5-pin DMX allows for easy 2 channel patching with any lighting board
      • Approved fluid: Faze Haze (full tank included with rental)
      • AC Power 120 Volts, 60 Hz
      • Typical current 1200 watts
      • 16.7″ x 15.4″ x 9.5″ LWH
      • 39 lbs with full fluid tank

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