Fobbles F4
Fobbles F4 Fog-Bubble Machine
Fobbles F4 Fog-Bubble Machine

Fobbles F4

The Fobbles F4 is an effect machine that creates a huge quantity of bubbles filled with white fog and featuring color changing LED’s to create magical effects!

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The Fobbles F4 is the only effect machine of its kind. The versatile Fobbles F4 functions as a bubble-fogger, fogger, hazer, or just a bubble machine! Create fog-filled bubbles remotely via DMX control. The 4 in 1 bubble fog machine allows independent component control. Do you need a regular fog or haze machine? We got you covered. Need loads of regular bubbles? Check. Need dreamlike fog-filled bubbles lit with LEDs?! Handled, it’s ready. The Fobbles F4 Pro Fog LED has a digital backlit settings menu to easily configure the machine to your specific needs. Great for outdoor celebrations.
Fully controllable fan speed, bubble wand speed, and fog output speed. The 0-100% variability of these three features allows you to dial in precisely the effect you desire.

Features Include:

  • Continuous Fog, Bubble, Haze, and Bubble Fog Output
  • Huge Quantity Bubbles Filled With White Fog, With Color Changing LED’s To Create A Beautiful Magic Effects!
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Included LEDs allow you to creatively backlight your effects
  • Perfect for maximizing that “WOW” factor
  • DMX Controllable
  • Warm up time: 6 Minutes
  • Typical power and current: 1400W @ 100%
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 16″ x 21″ (LHW)
  • Dry Weight: 25.5 lbs / Weight with fluids 31.5 lbs

Fobbles Manual.pdf

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