24x208V 30x120V PD Back

24 x 208V / 30 x 120V Distro

If you have big power needs we have the rack for you. Our 24 x 208V / 30 x 120V Rolling Rack Distro has everything you'll need.


The 24 x 208V / 30 x 120V Distro rolling rack by Motion Labs is fully loaded with features to power most show situations.

Features Include:

  • Digital Volt meter
  • 19-pin outputs for 120V & 208V
  • Cam Lok Pass Through
  • 120V on one side, 208V on other
  • 1 Doug Fleenor 5-pin Opto Splitter
  • 3 CS8164C Motor Feeder Outputs (if you’re powering our Chain Hoists)
  • Motion Labs quality

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