24 x 2.4K Dimmer

A more compact version of our larger 48 x 2.4k dimmer, our 24 x 2.4K dimmer by Leprecon is full featured and you won’t have to re-seat dimmer cards each use like with an ETC rack.


The Leprecon 24 x 2.4k Dimmer Rack is a heavy duty, portable dimmer packed full of features.

Features Include:

  • No moving parts!
  • Three Phase or Single Phase
  • 8 patchable Socapex outputs
  • Push button dimmer testing
  • 24 Stagepin Outputs
  • 2 Motor Power Receptacles
  • Cam Lok In & Thru
  • 2 Edison Convenience Outlets
  • 12 Non-Dim Patch options
  • 4 patch options per dimmer
  • Active LED Voltage display


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