Color Chorus 12
Color Chorus 12
Color Chorus 72 & 12 detail view

Color Chorus 12

The Color Chorus 12 is the perfect fixture for evenly uplighting walls, backdrops and scenery. The logical replacement for the Classic ColorBlast.


The Color Chorus 12 packs a punch in a compact 12″ fixture.
With far-reaching, saturated colors and color changing effects. The one foot long fixture is the ideal wash light to pickup where the ColorBlast left off. These little fixtures are also ideal for making odd lengths with Color Chorus 72’s.

Features Include:

  • 48 3W LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, Amber)
  • Multiple DMX and Stand Alone Modes
  • Power linking with PowerCON in and outs
  • Strobe & chase effects
  • 5-pin DMX In/Out, 3-pin, & 2- RJ45 ports
  • Dimensions: 12.4″L x 7.5″D x 7.6″H
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Also stocking the Color Chorus 72 (Link Below)

Couple with Color Chorus 72s
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Elation Color Chorus Spec Sheet
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