Road Hog 4

Road Hog 4 is the mid-sized Hog in the Hog 4 range of consoles and

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The Road Hog 4 is the mid-sized console in the range of Hog 4 consoles. Road Hog 4 strikes the perfect balance between performance and economy. The programming interface remains familiar, and the ergonomics of Road Hog’s compact chassis are unparalleled, while the shared Hog 4 OS software environment lets the user transition across the whole range without sacrificing work flow.

Programmers will love the 22-inch, high resolution multi-touch display providing ample space for customized screen layouts with one additional video output. Four on-board DMX universes drive the rig, and two gigabit Ethernet ports are provided for Art-Net, sACN, and console networking.

Hog consoles have enduring loyalty from programmers worldwide because they pioneered large scale automated lighting control. Hog’s are well known for their ease of use because they are built around the way you work.

Features Include:

  • Hog 4 Operating Software
  • Internal solid-state hard drive
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades
  • One internal 22-inch touch screen
  • 4 encoder wheelset
  • Twelve User-Assignable Keys
  • Ten playback faders
  • One external DVI-I monitor/touchscreen supported
  • Four fixed universes of DMX
  • Fixture-Net Ethernet connector
  • Dust Cover, gets lost easily
  • IEC Power Cord input
  • Three USB ports, 1 rear, 1 front
  • One Desklight that’s dimmable
  • Auto-ranging mains input (100V -250V)
  • Dimensions: 26.7″ wide by 27.6” deep by 8.1″ height
  • Weight: 39 lbs (17.5kg) plus road case weight
  • Road Case Dimensions: __” X __” X __”
  • Road Hog in Road Case Weight: ___ lbs
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