Doug Fleenor Opto Splitter

The Enhanced Splitter includes all the features of our standard models with added protection to meet the
needs of harsh operating conditions.



3-pin & 5-pin available

Each output has a LED indicator for the presence of Termination on the line, saving time when trouble shooting data distribution problems on a show site. All outputs are isolated from the input and from the other outputs by optical couplers. Every output has its own power supply and line driver. For protection against electrical storms, the 125EE adds four transient absorbers on the input, two on each output, and one on the power line. To protect against miswiring, it also has self resetting fuses on the DMX512 input and outputs that protect the opto splitter against damaging voltages up to 120 volts. Indicators on each output display power and termination status. Indicators on the input display signal present and valid DMX signal. It is designed to work on any voltage between 90 and 240 volts.

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