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PowerCon cable is an industry standard for powering many of today's intelligent and LED fixtures. The easy to use design has made PowerCon cable popular throughout the stage lighting and event industry.

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PowerCon Cable is a popular power distribution cable used to feed many modern LEDs and moving lights. The ease of use with color coded ends allows for quick setups and secure connections. The popularity of this cable is because of it’s ability to jump power from one fixture to the next in a speedy “daisy-chain” fashion.

Lengths available for rent or purchase:
50′ PowerCon
25′ PowerCon
15′ PowerCon
10′ PowerCon
5′ PowerCon
PowerCon to Male Edison Adapter
PowerCon to Male L6-20 Adapter

  • PowerCon to Female L6-20 Adapter
  • Powercon Couplers
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