Sneak Snakes

Wishing you could just run a lightweight Ethernet cable for your snake but you still need DMX input & outputs? TMB's Sneak Snakes are the answer.

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Sneak Snake Break-in and Break-out assemblies easily convert four DMX lines to a single Neutrik etherCon connector. The Sneak Snake enables a single CAT5e cable to send up to 4-universes of DMX data!

Features Include:

  • Future forward – the cable is an off-the-shelf CAT5e cable with etherCon connectors. Use it for gigabit Ethernet if you no longer need it for DMX.
  • Economical – no expensive specialized connectors
  • Hermaphoditic – No wrong end at FOH
  • Can be used in conjunction with a ProPlex CAT5e for more universes or a hybrid DMX / Ethernet Solution.
  • “Sneak” multiple DMX universes over economical CAT5e cable

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