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New Gear: Robe MegaPointe

We now have a large inventory of the very popular Robe MegaPointe. The Mega Pointe is the New reference point in moving light technology and innovation. There truly is no equivalent moving light fixture to the MegaPointe currently. Schedule a demo to see the...

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New Gear: Spiider LED Wash

We've received a new LED Wash fixture that has more features than the rest in it's class. The Spiider LED Wash has full pixel control and LEDs that are twice as powerful as the popular B-EYE K10.  Another feature that sets the Spiider apart in the LED Wash category is...

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Let There Be Rock

With the passing of Malcolm Young of AC/DC I reflect on the the impact the band had on me. They inspired more than musicians.

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New Gear: LED Beam 150 Zoom

We’ve sold off our Mac 101’s and stepped up to LED Beam 150’s by Robe. Far superior to 101’s, you need to see the zoom and brightness of this fixture.

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Waterproof Lighting?

Weather proof LED Lighting is here! Storm proof is the definition of IP65 rated equipment. Not “water proof” for submersion, but ideal for outdoor use.

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Dr. Sam Beckett would be proud!

Take the Quantum leap and check out our new Martin Mac Quantum profile fixtures. A super bright LED fixture with crisp optics. It’s one of the first real alternatives to a 700/800 watt HID fixture.

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