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All the News That's Fit to Print ...

We've heard the demand and we answered. We now have 3' x 3' square Extreme Structures aluminum universal truss bases in stock! The larger footprint of these bases add extra stability to your truss towers and the large handles make them easier to pick up from a horizontal position.

Have a venue where power is sparse? Want to uplight a wall but don't want cables crisscrossing walkways? We have a solution. We now carry the QA5 battery LED. 5x5W LEDS with Red, Green Blue and Amber color-mixing allow nearly an a limitless palette of colors! Plus each unit can operate at full for 6+ hours meaning they're perfect for most special events!

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. We now own 2 GrandMA 2 Lites! With the grandMA2 light, MA Lighting offers a compact version of the new grandMA2 Full-size featuring 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized faders on board and two touchscreens. All additional features as well as all command keys are the same as with the grandMA2 Full-size. The grandMA2 light is the optimal tool for control of all kinds of lighting genres. Call or e-mail to reserve your rental today!

We are very honored to announce that we are a regional finalist in PLSN's magazine's ballot for the Home Town Hero Award! Please take a minute to vote for us as your favorite Home Town Hero company at